Born in Queensland Australia in 1967.
Resides and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Jeff is a being in motion; his instincts alert and his keen sense of observation finely tuned. He approaches changing environments with an aptitude to immerse himself in them. This is the skill of an artist who is a passionate storyteller.

All of Jeff’s work tells a story. The early Favignana series tells the tale of the endangered Sicilian fisherman. The Wall series is a very personal story of self-discovery and the road to confidence. His latest series of work 'Back of House' catapults him out of his early introspectiveness and into the kitchen. Jeff spent almost two decades in the hospitality industry and Back of House is a joyous celebration of the industry. As a painter, Jeff is drawn to the creative space of the commercial kitchen and the fluidity and movement that belies its functionality.

Jeff Martin is represented in the National Library of Australia with Tetsuya’s from his Back of House - Sydney series. His work is housed in private collections internationally. His Back of House series has been showcased as part of international food festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and as far away as Bogota Columbia. He has written a blog for the S. Pellegrino top 50 website and was asked to exhibit Back of House – World at Guild Hall in London as part of the S. Pellegrino restaurant awards in 2012. Jeff has also developed an international profile through feature articles in magazines including the Athens Voice, el Malpensante in Columbia and the New York Food and Wine Magazine.